Smart practice

Smart Practice

What is Smart Practice? In the “Wilfred and Willy” article, you have learned to use your two brain hemispheres with the WWW preshot routine to learn quickly. Now, let’s see how you can maximize your training sessions with smart practice. First, devote 80% of your practice time to short game techniques with the putter and wedges

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Suck at golf?

Suck at golf

 Suck at golf: It’s not your fault! Think you suck at golf? I believe quite the opposite. Repeated failures that can be explained Have you tried golf and failed? Or, perhaps you just can’t seem to put the advice of the Good Samaritans into practice? Or is your ball stubbornly stuck on the ground?

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Golf Myths
Sun protection

Sun Protection

Golfers: Don’t forget your sun protection! With the summer in high gear, sun protection for your skin is extremely important. Remember: your skin is your largest organ. So apply a good sunscreen regularly to protect it. However, which sunscreen to use? How often? Many questions arise in today’s market. It can be overwhelming. Some sunscreens

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