Left or Right?

Will you be playing from the left or right in golf? In tennis, any racket can serve both left-handed and right-handed players, because both sides are identical. But in golf, both sides of the club head are different. So you have to make a choice before buying your equipment: left or right handed golf set.

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Ready to play golf

Ready for Golf?

Are you ready to play golf? Without getting too perfectionistic, are you really ready to play golf this year? Are you fit enough to avoid injury? Do you have the right equipment and accessories to make your golf season a real pleasure? Will your golf swing and short game help you bring home a scorecard

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Habits in golf

Did you know that habits are permanent? Each time you make a movement, your body adds a protein (the myelin) around the axon (cell root) of all nerve cells involved. This protein enhances the nervous impulse. This, in turn, makes the same movement that much easier the next time. Over time, your body can add

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Golf Fundamentals

Golf Fundamentals

How important are the fundamentals of address (initial position) in golf? Some golf instructors estimate that golf fundamentals account for up to 80% of golf success. The fundamentals put the golfer in an optimal position for the swing. That’s why you need to make sure you master them. What are the fundamentals of golf? The

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Ready Golf

Don’t Push!

Stressed about playing time? Let’s talk Ready Golf! Playing time is a concern for beginning golfers. Either they fear they won’t be able to keep up, or they worry about the group constantly coming up behind them. In this article, I give you two recipes to avoid such stress. The first recipe is for beginner

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Wilfred and Willy

Wilfred and Willy

Would you like to learn golf quickly? Easy: Use your two brain hemispheres I call Wilfred and Willy. Who are Wilfred and Willy? Wilfred is the logical brain, the conscious mind, the scientist, often associated with the left hemisphere. Wilfred talks, listens and thinks. He is the master of theory and calculations, but he does

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Smart practice

Smart Practice

What is Smart Practice? In the “Wilfred and Willy” article, you have learned to use your two brain hemispheres with the WWW preshot routine to learn quickly. Now, let’s see how you can maximize your training sessions with smart practice. First, devote 80% of your practice time to short game techniques with the putter and wedges

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Suck at golf?

Suck at golf

 Suck at golf: It’s not your fault! Think you suck at golf? I believe quite the opposite. Repeated failures that can be explained Have you tried golf and failed? Or, perhaps you just can’t seem to put the advice of the Good Samaritans into practice? Or is your ball stubbornly stuck on the ground?

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Putting Lesson

Putting from A to Z Putting is 43% of the score, which is why it is so important. Although it is the simplest movement in golf, putting lays the foundation for all golf techniques: chipping, pitching, half-swinging and even full swing tee shots with the driver (1 wood). Why is that? Because you’ll develop all

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The pitching (HIGH approach to the green) Pitching is a technique that terrorizes golfers with a high handicap. Yet, this technique can be learned quickly if you pay attention to it. The pitch is part of the short game arsenal, along with the putt and the chip. It is therefore a very common golf shot

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Sun protection

Sun Protection

Golfers: Don’t forget your sun protection! With the summer in high gear, sun protection for your skin is extremely important. Remember: your skin is your largest organ. So apply a good sunscreen regularly to protect it. However, which sunscreen to use? How often? Many questions arise in today’s market. It can be overwhelming. Some sunscreens

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