What Golf Set Should I Buy?

Golf set

New or Used Golf Set?

A new golf set is better than an old one with costly to replace worn out and slippery golf grips. Moreover, if considering a 10 year old set or more, you will have a hard time playing golf. Technology (design and manufacturing) keep enhancing golf clubs performance making them easier to hit.

What to look for in a used golf set

This said, may be you are lucky enough to find a golf set hardly used and quite recent. But first, make sure at least it suits your needs:

  1. Are you a righty or lefty golfer?
  2. Is it a woman, man, senior or junior golf set?
  3. How many clubs does it have?
  4. Does it include a putter and sandwedge?
  5. Does it come with a bag?

Golf Set for Woman, Man, Senior or Junior?

Do not be fooled by this classification. Some not so tall women are better off with a junior set, whereas fit or strong women can play with a man set.

More Complicated than it Looks

Choosing the right golf set is more complicated than you may think.

  1. Hand size determines grip size.
  2. Swing speed determines shaft stiffness.
  3. Swing weight depends on body fitness.
  4. Graphite shafts are lighter but steel shafts are more precise.
  5. Do you like more fairway metals or hybrids?
  6. Are you a beginner or advanced golfer?
  7. Would you like more irons or more hybrids?
  8. Full set or half set?


So! If in doubt, call a qualified person.

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