Subito Presto Golf Lessons FAQ

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Subito Presto Golf Lessons (French only)

We designed the Subito Presto Beginner Golf Lessons Package for new golfers in mind. Maximum of 6 to 8 participants per group.

Golf Lessons Content

  • Basic Swing Concepts for you to start on a good note: Alignment, Posture, Grip, Ball Position and Stance.
  • The various golf techniques so that you know what to do at any time on the golf course: pitch, half swing and tee shot.
  • Hints to speed up your pace of play (very practical if you are worried to be too slow).
  • Customized Tips to cure your swing faults and learn at your own pace, hit the ball with confidence and have more fun.
  • Sharing your Findings with the other participants and explanations of your findings by the Pro. You will love this part of the lessons which allows you to learn from others as well.
  • Using the two cerebral hemispheres so that you will learn fast easily.

Items included in the fee

  • Golf Clubs during the lessons for those who do not have any yet.
  • Practice Balls during the lessons.
  • All applicable taxes.
  • Just bring sport shoes!

Inclement Weather?

In case of rain or thunderstorm, we send you an email two hours before a lesson or clinic so you know when it is brought forward. Therefore, you are guaranteed to get all your golf lessons and will avoid an unproductive trip.

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