One-to-One Golf Lessons and Private Groups FAQ

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Private Golf Lessons for All (Monday to Friday only)

Fully customizable, the private golf lessons suit all levels of golfers. Several people of different levels can attend at the same time, such as:

  • A couple with two children with different skill levels.
  • A group of friends with various skill levels.


  • After each lesson, you will receive a Lesson Summary. Thus, you will find it easier to remember the concepts to practice on the driving range.
  • Moreover, you can watch over and over again the Golf Fundamenals on You Tube. Golf fundamentals is the art of setting up before hitting the ball. You will master these thanks to the videos and with the help of the pro during the lessons.
  • Presto Golf will provide you will links to additional articles. For example, the article on the two brains will help you learn faster. This is easier than you think, you’ll see.

Presto Golf lessons are worth every penny – and more!

  • The more participants there are in a group, the cheapest is the price per ticket. This discount is applicable up to 4 participants on a single order.
  • All prices include taxes and, during the lessons, the baskets of balls.
  • Time and date are agreed upon in advance.
  • During the lessons, we provide golf clubs to those who do not have any yet.
  • Just bring your sport shoes!

Content Sample

  • Golf Swing Fundamentals: Alignment, Posture, Grip, Ball Position and Stance.
  • Golf Techniques: putting, approach shots (chip, pitch, half-swing, bunkers), full swing.
  • Customized Swing Faults Tips taking into account the golfer capabilities.
  • Hints to speed up your pace of play (very practical if you are worried to be too slow).
  • Individual Coaching to cure your specific problems and create sound habits. This will allow you to hit the ball with confidence and have more fun.

Inclement Weather?

In case of rain or thunderstorm, we send you an email two hours before a lesson so you know when it is brought forward. Therefore, you are guaranteed to get all your golf lessons and will avoid an unproductive trip.

Participants under 18 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult of 25 years old or more.

Please note that the number of tickets purchased for a single order is equivalent to the number of simultaneous participants. For example, 2 tickets for two 75 minute lesson entitle you to two 75 minute lessons for 2 people, and not to four 75 minute lessons for one person.



  • Private lessons and private groups offered on Monday mornings in Saint-Basile-le-Grand and Thursday mornings in Laval only.

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