Golf Techniques

Golf Fundamentals

Golf Fundamentals

How important are the fundamentals of address (initial position) in golf? Some golf instructors estimate that golf fundamentals account for up to 80% of golf success. The fundamentals put the golfer in an optimal position for the swing. That’s why you need to make sure you master them. What are the fundamentals of golf? The …

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Putting Lesson

Putting from A to Z Putting is 43% of the score, which is why it is so important. Although it is the simplest movement in golf, putting lays the foundation for all golf techniques: chipping, pitching, half-swinging and even full swing tee shots with the driver (1 wood). Why is that? Because you’ll develop all …

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The pitching (HIGH approach to the green) Pitching is a technique that terrorizes golfers with a high handicap. Yet, this technique can be learned quickly if you pay attention to it. The pitch is part of the short game arsenal, along with the putt and the chip. It is therefore a very common golf shot …

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