Wilfred and Willy

Wilfred and Willy

Would you like to learn golf quickly?

Easy: Use your two brain hemispheres I call Wilfred and Willy.

Who are Wilfred and Willy?

Wilfred is the logical brain, the conscious mind, the scientist, often associated with the left hemisphere. Wilfred talks, listens and thinks. He is the master of theory and calculations, but he does well one task at a time only. Wilfred wears two hats: the caddy and the coach.

Willy is the intuitive brain, the subconscious mind, the automatisms box, the doer, often associated with the right brain. Willy is a visual and kinesthetic fellow. He relies on images and feels, which allow him to do well up to 1000 tasks concerning movements at a time. Willy wears only one hat: the golfer.

Wilfred knows, Willy does. Although he knows everything about the golf swing, Wilfred swings the club very poorly. Willy is a far better swinger of the club, but he needs Wilfred for a coach to train properly and become a better golfer.

The WWW Routine

The secret to learn golf quickly? Try and do only one thing at a time using the WWW routine. The WWW routine (Wilfred-Willy-Wilfred), is all a golfer needs to enhance his golf swing. As it implies, a routine is repeated at each and every golf swing.

The first W stands for Wilfred: Take your setup using Wilfred. To do so, follow the steps explained in the Golf Fundamentals.

The second W stands for Willy: Turn off Wilfred and turn on Willy. To do so, steer at the target 10 seconds, then swing the club with Willy without thinking, or visualize your swing many seconds before your swing. Willy will be as equally turned on as Wilfred will be turned off.

The third W stands for Wilfred: Wilfred must scan the body during the 3 seconds after the swing while you stand still, after which all body sensations are gone for good. This will allow you to link your body sensations to what you have done, the ball flight and the divot (the turf scalp made by the blade). After these 3 precious seconds, Wilfred has all the time he needs to find out a way to perfect Willy for the next swing. Tip: make a good slow swing (without a ball) after a poor shot to erase the bad swing (reprogram your brain).


Thus, you must use Wilfred and Willy one at a time only. By repeating again and again the WWW routine, the first Wilfred part (the caddy) will become so automatic that Willy will be able to turn on earlier in the process well before hitting. This is when Willy your golfer will fully thrive.

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