Presto Golf Academy

Presto Golf Academy: Learn golf Subito Presto!

Learning Golf Fast…

The Presto Golf Academy Method is a simple and efficient golf instruction method based on step by step coaching. I keep tweaking it: hence the fast pace of concept learning by beginners and advanced golfers alike.

… thanks to a well planned progression

Thanks to a well planned and custom progression and to multiple links with the concepts it introduces, my Presto Golf Method allows golfers to:

  • easily grasp new concepts,
  • and apply them right away.
… to an original and efficient teaching method that uses your senses

You will be exposed to rich and varied content through multiple “learning channels”, including: listening, seeing, feeling, imaginative, intuitive, logical, etc.

You will ingrain more good techniques faster thanks to these multiple learning channels. You will get off on the right foot.

As well, when introducing new concepts, I repeat learned ones to optimize your understanding and integration.

… and to YouTube Power!

I also use YouTube Videos sent directly yo your Email box.

I advocate contextual learning to demonstrate when and where to use the different golf shots I teach.

Presto Golf Academy works on Your Swing

Finally, I put emphasis on your “natural swing”. I don’t teach a “bottled swing” of a particular champion, because this is a sure way to failure. On the contrary, I help you optimize your own swing, your natural swing, taking into account your physical skills and challenges.

A golf swing is like a signature: it’s unique, because everyone has his/her own morphology and physical assets and limitations.

That’s why you are going to learn golf quickly.

In a nutshell, the Presto Golf Method is a fast track practical step by step coaching method to learn how to play golf. And it works, I guarantee it!

Triple your fun playing golf with my Presto Golf Method.

Welcome in my golf lesson groups!

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