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Putting Lesson

Two types of grips and their variants. In golf, there are two types of grip with their variants: the finger grip (interlock, baseball or overlap), used for all techniques except putting, and the palm grip (Vardon, crossed, claw, etc.), used for putting. But why so many variants? This is a matter of personal preferences, but […]

Left or Right?

Will you be playing from the left or right in golf? In tennis, any racket can serve both left-handed and right-handed players, because both sides are identical. But in golf, both sides of the club head are different. So you have to make a choice before buying your equipment: left or right handed golf set. […]

Topping the ball: the cure

How to avoid topping the ball? This is the beginner golfer‘s nightmare: a ball that hardly gets airborne and cannot reach 100 yards. This is called topping the ball. How can you avoid it? First of all, to be successful, you must hit the ball under its equator against the center of the blade or […]

Golf Dictionary

Golf Dictionary, Terms and Definitions. This golf dictionary will help you better understand the amazing game of golf. You can search your desired term to get its definition. Enjoy! Sources of Presto Golf Dictionary: Glossary of Golf in Wikipedia, PGA Dictionary.

Keep your eyes on the ball!

“Keep your eyes on the ball!” This advice provided by golf amateurs who try to act as golf coaches drives me crazy. Especially if it lacks nuances. While staring at the ball for part of a FULL SWING is beneficial, keeping your eyes on the ball for the entire golf swing is bad: erratic balls […]

Don’t Push!

Worried Sick about Playing Time in Golf? Playing time gives the jitters to golf beginners. Either they are afraid of being unable to follow the pace of play or they worry about the foursome behind consistently catching up. In this post, I will explain a few easy strategies you can implement to avoid such stress. […]

A Crucial Decision: Choosing your Golf Course

How do you know where to golf to enjoy the day? It’s tough, say you, to know where to golf to please everyone. Yet it is so important. There is something for everyone and for all budgets out there. And the criteria to consider to make a good choice are many. In this article, I […]


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