Topping the ball: the cure

How to avoid topping the ball? This is the beginner golfer‘s nightmare: a ball that hardly gets airborne and cannot reach 100 yards. This is called topping the ball. How can you avoid it? First of all, to be successful, you must hit the ball under its equator against the center of the blade or […]

Optimize Your Golf Practice Sessions

The secret: Visualization. Thanks to it, your practice sessions will be more efficient. Therefore, you may reduce their duration and save on baskets of balls costs. According to me, 4 visualization sessions combined with one single practice session are better than 5 practice sessions alone. Imagine the time and money saved for more rounds of […]

Smart Practice

What is Smart Practice? In the “Wilfred and Willy” article, you have learned to use your two brain hemispheres with the WWW preshot routine to learn quickly. Now, let’s see how you can maximize your training sessions with smart practice. First, devote 80% of your practice time to short game techniques with the putter and wedges […]

Wilfred and Willy

Would you like to learn golf quickly? Easy: Use your two brain hemispheres I call Wilfred and Willy. Who are Wilfred and Willy? Wilfred is the logical brain, the conscious mind, the scientist, often associated with the left hemisphere. Wilfred talks, listens and thinks. He is the master of theory and calculations, but he does […]

Ready for Golf?

Without being overly perfectionist, are you really ready to play golf this year? Are you fit enough to avoid injuries? Do you have all the needed equipment and accessories to have fun in this upcoming golf season? Will your golf swing and short game allow you to bring back a scorecard you will be proud […]

Habits in golf

Did you know that habits are permanent? Each time you make a movement, your body adds a protein (the myelin) around the axon (cell root) of all nerve cells involved. This protein enhances the nervous impulse. This, in turn, makes the same movement that much easier the next time. Over time, your body can add […]

Golf Fundamentals

The Golf Fundamentals are the 5 key elements of a good setup. Every golfer must go through each step before attempting to swing the golf club. They are easily remembered by the acronym APPPS: Alignment Posture Position of the hands (Griping the club) Position of the ball Stance (Position of the feet) and Stability As […]