Suck at golf

Suck at golf?

Suck at golf: It’s not your fault!

Think you suck at golf? I believe quite the opposite.

Repeated failures that can be explained

Have you tried golf and failed? Or, perhaps you just can’t seem to put the advice of the Good Samaritans into practice? Or is your ball stubbornly stuck on the ground? So many questions, so many problems with a single source: golf myths.

Golf Myths

Golf myths will make you think you suck at golf. But don’t let this false belief fool you. Almost anyone can learn golf. But you have to stop listening to the advice of the “Good Samaritans” of the world. Only a real golf coach will detect the technical error(s) that are responsible for your setbacks. And only a true golf teacher will prescribe the drills you need to cure yourself of those mistakes.

Golf, a very counterintuitive sport

Golf swings don’t come naturally. Although complex, the golf swing can be learned bit by bit, even for anyone who thinks they suck at golf. It’s more of a reflex, an automaticity to be developed carefully, without skipping steps. And since the golf swing is not really a natural movement, you will inevitably develop several stubborn bad habits without a real golf coach.

My recipe for teaching you golf

Basically, to learn golf, you need some basic knowledge so you don’t get lost. There are millions of videos on You Tube that offer you flash tips, but no real coherent system. You’re bound to get lost. That’s why I’ve designed a consistent system to introduce you to golf: not too much, not too little advice and videos to learn the basics of golf.

Go! You can do it!

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