Golf Benefits for Health

What are the real golf benefits?

We all know sports are good for health. But what are the real golf benefits for your health? Before getting into that, let us be honest: most of golf benefits come from walking. So wave goodbye to the electric cart and say hello to walking and staying fit for life.

Some widely accepted golf benefits

Golf can help you lose weight more easily within a weight loss program.

It can prevent osteoporosis. On the other hand, physicians do not recommend it for people already having this condition.

Golf allows you to lower bad cholesterol levels.

It is the perfect stress antidote to modern living.

Golf ranks among the best activities to promote better night sleep.

According to reserearchers, golf adds 5 years to life expectancy to those you make it one of their favorite activity.

It allows you to socialize and improve your relationships, since you can play it with strangers, friends and family alike.

Other non-negligible benefits of golf

  • In my opinion, the greatest benefit of golf is that you can play it for life.
  • Golf will enhance your holidays, especially your winter vacations to warmer destinations.
  • Finally, golf helped me heal from cancer (see my personal biography).

But a small caveat is in order

Nevertheless, like any sport, a good physical preparation is necessary to avoid injuries. Nothing complicated or even athletic. You just need to be consistent in the exercises you do.

And don’t forget to stay well hydrated and protect yourself from the sun.

Be Healthy: Play Golf!

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